Screaming Cockatoo!

Your jewelry or hat was hand made and created with feathers that Rio, the screaming cockatoo shed naturally! Your purchase included the URL for this site so you can see the bird who donated his cast off feathers to create your beautiful new accessory! Wear them with pride - just like Rio did before he grew some brand new feathers to take their place!

Screaming Cockatoo supports Rio, the screaming cockatoo! Rio is a very real and happy bird - who like all cockatoos - requires lots of time and care. The purchase of your Screaming Cockatoo Accessories help keep Rio in all the fresh veggies, pelleted food and toys he needs to be happy and healthy. Rio thanks you for your support and hopes that you remember - Cockatoos are NOT for everyone! Actually they are only for very serious exotic bird lovers who expect all that which comes with living with these beautiful birds.

Rio on YouTube!

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