Requests and Requirements
Basic Requirements

AURA3 loves to perform for large outdoor festival /theater audiences as well as for the more intimate listening room and coffeehouse patron. Please contact Woodland Moth on the e-mail link below with performance requests or questions. Provide a phone number and best time availability with your letter. Complete band/press kits are available upon request as are on-line press kits. Direct your inquiry to:

Woodland Moth
PO Box 487 / Lewisville, North Carolina / 27023

Sound Requirements: Trio (Acoustic)

4 vocal mics with boom stands (Shure or equivalent)
1 instrumental mic with boom stand (Shure or equivalent)
2 Direct Input (1.acoustic guitar / 1.bass pedals)
1 Power Source
3 Stage Monitors/Wedges with mix
2 comfortable banquet type chair - standard height from the floor
8 Channel (minimum) w/ standard effects
House Sound as is standard for venue

Travel / Backstage Rider: Trio
Rider provided upon performance request

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June 10, 2008..."Dirty Angels!"
dirty angels
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