2017 DADA Members / Individuals and Businesses&

Tax Deductible Gifts to The Downtown Arts District Association

WHAT are the benefits of becoming a member of DADA?

  • Your membership helps to present the "DADA 1st Friday Gallery Hop" every first Friday of every month all year long! The DADA 1st Friday Gallery Hop is THE signature event for the Downtown Arts District Association!

  • Members receive: A short blurb, photo and link to social media in our monthly E-Letter that announces what is going on at each DADA 1st Friday Gallery Hop.

  • A listing on the DADA Website that includes a link to their primary social media and a secondary link.

  • May participate in the "Arts After Hours" gatherings that are held at a different location each month, 10 days prior to the Hop. Members can host an "Arts After Hours" at their location on a first come, first served until all months have a host location.

  • Members are encouraged to participate in the Gallery Hop every month and will receive notification to participate in any other special event that is planned during the year.

  • The DADA Annual Pot Luck is a special "Arts After Hours" that is held every December. In 2016 DeLurk Gallery hosted a very well attended event! DeLurk Gallery has graciously agreed to host again in 2017!

Want to become a member of DADA?! E-mail us at info@dadaws.org You may also download the DADA Membership Form HERE
Fill it out and mail to: DADA - PO Box 21451 - Winston-Salem, NC 27120

For Memberships or Donations enclose a check made payable to DADA OR you may use the Pay Pay DONATE button below. As a 501 (c)(3) charitable nonprofit, donations are tax deductible.

Your donation and/or membership helps fund DADA's signature program, The DADA 1st Friday Gallery Hop!"

We appreciate your support which helps The Winston-Salem Downtown Arts District continue to be "Where Art Lives!"Thank-you for your generous support of The Downtown Arts District Association! Enjoy the DADA 1st Friday Gallery Hop every 1st Friday All Year Long!