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The Lewisville Civic Club

On July 22, 1945, thirty concerned citizens of the community of Lewisville, NC met for the purpose of organizing to improve community life in Lewisville. With the approval of a constitution and bylaws, these thirty citizens became the charter members of the Lewisville Civic Club. The stated objective of the club was to make the Lewisville community a good place to live and raise a family. Through the member's dedication to, and involvement in, the Lewisiville Civic Club has enjoyed a long list of achievements.

The Lewisville Civic Club has been instrumental in many projects including the community school system, Boy and Girl Scout programs, improving community roads and highways and providing financial support to Wake Forest University and the Winston-Salem Coliseum building funds. In addition to organizing and raising sufficient funds to support a volunteer fire department, the Civic Club provided the main support to build the G. Galloway Reynolds Community Center, which is used for many community activities and serves as the meeting place for the Civic Club. The Club also assisted in the successful incorporation of the town of Lewisville, which took place in August of 1991. Through member dedication to and involvement in the community, the Lewisville Civic Club has enjoyed a long list of achievements.

The Lewisville Civic Club meets at 6:30 p.m.on the third Thursday of each month at the G. Galloway Reynolds Community Center on Lucy Lane in Lewisville, NC.

2018 Board of Directors
Larry Morris

Vice President
Brian Shumack

Don Morris

Asst. Treasurer
Judith Allison

Joyce Walker

Assistant Secretary
Cheryl Woods

Members at Large
Maureen Barton
Bo Houff

By Laws of The Lewisville Civic Club
Lewisville Civic Club Cook Book Form


Any person of good character and reputation over the age of 18 is eligible for membership. Eligible persons may be proposed in writing to the club's secretary by any club member in good standing. The Board of Directors acts on all applications. All persons are cordially invited to visit the club's monthly meetings in the Community Center building.

Please click on the Lewisville Civic Club Membership to download a membership application. Membership applications can be mailed to the address listed below

For more information contact: Lewisville Civic Club - PO Box 293 - Lewisville, North Carolina 27023-0293