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AURA3 Blog
Friday, 4 January 2008
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Hambone Blues

YEAH ! ! !

A very, very nice family found Hambone and called me today around 3:30 to say they thought they had my doggie. Hambone was a lucky fellow to find someone so nice who thought to check the computer for missing pet announcements.

After exchanging some "Hambone  traits" I knew our dog had been found and went to pick him up! He had traveled about 10 miles away from home and survived three nights at below freezing temperature.

When I drove up to the house Hambone was in the yard playing fetch with the family.  After he recognized me he jumped into the back seat of the car and didn't move! He was ready to go HOME! 

I still cannot believe this brave dog made it through his ordeal and survived. Something had to have spooked him to make him run so far away from home, something he has never done in his nine years. 

I want to publically thank the family that found him and tell ALL of you to go buy some BBQ (if you are not a vegetarian of course) as the family owns a restaurant  ! ! ! This fabulous family found my dog and took care of him until Hambone was identified and took a ride home! 

The moral of this story...get your pet a microchip at your pet's vet, get a good collar or better yet - a comfortably fitting harness that has the current  dog tag and an  ID tag for you dog with a  PHONE NUMBER.

If you pet gets lost here is what you need to do...IMMEDIATELY. Call your pet around the neighborhood, on foot and then in your vehicle.  List your pet as missing on the your local Animal Control WEB SITE as well as places that post lost/found pet bulletins. Leave out a few important details, especially the pet's real name or at least one identifying trait or detail.  Call the area vets, emergency vets, nearby animals shelters in bordering counties. Somebody CAN pick up your dog and take him somewhere and then LET HIM OUT in an unfamiliar area. This is what happened to my dog!

I am going to go to sleep now - I have been up and down, worrying for more than three days.

I will be getting some BBQ tomorrow! (with apologies to the vegetarians)



Posted by woodlandmoth at 3:30 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 7 January 2008 1:42 AM EST

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