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'98 Newspaper insert photo

Advertising Packages - $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping
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The 1997 Lewisville Lawn Party T-Shirt - $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Add to Cart

The 1998 Lewisville Lawn Party T-Shirt - $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Add to Cart

The 2003 Lewisville Lawn Party T-Shirt - $20.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Add to Cart

The 1997 Lewisville Lawn Party Poster w/photos of Tork, Stanley, Dodi & Co., Harlequins Dance Troupe, and more - $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Add to Cart

3-D FIREWORKS glasses with Tork, Stanley and sponsor names imprinted from 1998 festival. Mint. Add to Cart

TORKfest 2000 2-hour video - from the May 19, 2000 performances at Brew Ha Ha's in Winston-Salem, NC. DVD is $20.00 and shipping is $4.00 on each order. Dubbed from the original. Add to Cart

Related items - AURA3, CD the female, acoustic, pop/rock trio that backed up Peter & James and Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues through the years since 1998.

AURA3: Dirty Angels
Dirty Angels, the new CD from AURA3 available at CD Baby includes: Dirty Job (James Lee Stanley), Instant Heaven, (Don't) Let Me Go, (Marilyn Ingram) Dirty Angels (Marilyn Ingram/Nancy Smith), King of Mars and King of Mars remix (Marilyn Ingram), Bad Timing (Dodi Shore), Moth to the Flame (Marilyn Ingram)
AURA3: For Pete's Sake

For Pete's Sake, includes the title track by Peter Tork, Work It Baby (Ingram/Shore), I'm Not As Innocent (Smith), Leave This 'Ol Town, My Dream / My Fantasy, Water Under the Bridge (Shore), Once Touched by Flame (James Lee Stanley), Crazy Love, Ageless & Timeless, Let Me Be Your Angel (Ingram) and Old Man (Neil Young)

Descriptions for the merchandise

'98 Newspaper insert photo

NEWSPAPER INSERT PR PACKAGES - Here is the 1998, 12 page newspaper insert that was prepared for the Winston-Salem Journal and distributed the Thursday prior to Lawn Party '98. This "official Lewisville LAWN PARTY schedule" includes the double truck color spread on Tork/Stanley with photos, stories and the special one time reprint of the '97 interview with Peter and James by noted music critic, Ed Bumgardner.

Also included in the edition are stories on the other bands appearing at the festival and information on the festival as a whole.

'99 Newspaper insert photo

The 1999 Lawn Party /Winston-Salem Journal insert is also a 12 page special edition "Official Lawn Party Schedule." The '99 edition has color photos from the 1998 festival. All stories, editing and photos by The LAAC. The paper was distributed on Wednesday, May 19, '99 in the Journal prior to the festival on Sat., May 22, '99. This section was also available on the front desk in the Lewisville Town Hall, being only the second publication ever distributed in the Winston-Salem Journal ENTIRELY about a Lewisville event. (The first was the '98 Lawn Party insert as seen above)

The 2000 Lawn Party edition / W-S Journal / Thursday, May 18, 2000. 12 page section featuring a full color double truck on Tork's complete history of appearances in Winston-Salem and Lewisville, North Carolina, solo and with The Monkees in the 60's.

The LAAC is also making the remaining copies of these publications available at $8.00 per package including shipping and handling. Packages include the '98, '99 and 2000 publication. RANDOMLY selected packages will include an extra item.

The entire set of PR inserts can be added to your cart for $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Add to Cart

P.H.T. Bach Just one of the great photos from the 1999 edition c. 1998 / K. Hawkins

POSTER 1997 limited edition POSTER is printed in teal and black on heavy card stock. Photos include: Two Man Band cover photo, Dodi & Co., Harlequins Dance Troupe (Megan), Reflexx, The Phase Band and Big Bump & the Stun Gunz, festival sponsor logos and information.

The posters are available at $12 each, including shipping and handling. Posters will come ROLLED in a mailing tube and will not be folded. They are MINT. Only 1,000 posters were printed and most were used for publicity purposes prior to the festival on Saturday, May 24, 1997. Mint condition.

The 1997 Lewisville Lawn Party Poster w/Tork & Stanley can be added to your cart for $12 including shipping and handling. Add to Cart

LAMINATES - These next 3 items are very RARE -as only 24 of each exist and most are favorite souvenirs of the artists/staff who played/worked at the festivals. There are only 2 of the '00 laminate, 1 of '98, and about 12 of '97 press conference/lunch laminate. No more will be created. Laminates are covered in heavy plastic and have an attached lanyard neck cord. The '99 pass has a rainbow lanyard w/only ONE available. ONE. Make an offer and tell us which one you want.

(OUT OF STOCK - hopefully we will get more bound soon...) TORKfest BOOK "The Lewisville LAWN PARTY - 1997-2000: A Pictorial History of TORKFEST" by S. Moore and M. Transeau is a very special tribute to Peter and James's appearances at the Lawn Party as seen through the eyes of the many fans that have attended the event. The book PREMIERED at the James Lee Stanley/Aura edition of ACOUSTIC COFFEEHOUSE on Friday, Feb. 22. Several of the contributors to the book were in attendance including Steve and Theresa Clayton of Georgia. The book is 50 pages of text and almost 100 photos from 1997-2001. Photo credits include:Al Bigley, Debbie Garey, Kim Hawkins, Stephanie Mikhail, Jo Parsons, Ken and Brenda Pierson, Kurt and Amy Schmiemann, Karen Senora, Steve Clayton, Theresa Clayton, Dodi and Tiffany Shore, Marilyn Ingram, Cynthia Summey, Marisa Vigil, Shane Worden, Jeanne Corrigan. Several event reviews by Theresa Clayton and Karen Senora are included as well as interviews with Marilyn Ingram of the LAAC (and AURA3.)

T-SHIRTS The 1997, 1998 and 2003 Lewisville Lawn Party T-SHIRTS are available. The '97 and '98 shirts that remain sell for $15.00 each plus $2.00 shipping and handling. We have somn XL's and Large sizes left. The 2003 shirt is available in Small, Medium, Large and XL and sells for $20 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. The 2003 shirt is printed on both sides.

'97 Lewisville Lawn Party T-Shirt can be added to you cart for $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Original artwork, designed by Marilyn Ingram, is screen printed on a purple, 50/50% poly/cotton shirt in white and teal. Available in Large and XL. Here is Megan wearing the shirt in the wildlife garden on the Lawn Party grounds.
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The 1998 Lewisville Lawn Party T-Shirt can be added to your cart for $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Artwork, designed by Marilyn Ingram, is screen printed in white and teal on a black 50/50% poly/cotton shirt. Megan is seen here wearing the shirt on The LAAC office grounds. Add to Cart

3-D FIREWORKS glasses from the '99 festival. A 3-D effect is created when watching ANY firework or laser show. Glasses are white w/ teal print. Attached coupons on the sides of the glasses were for free products available at the '99 event. Mint Condition. Megan again modeling the glasses. Add to Cart

VIDEO - Cable TV program - "LAAC Magazine" - a two part special on TORKfest 2000. Program has now been dubbed to one DVD but and was two one-hour specials that were aired on cable. The sound is not the absolute best, partially due to audience talking during show. Entire show was filmed in SVHS format (television film) on a tripod. This is footage no one else has... (PT with Blues-A-Matic at Brew Ha Ha's) The film is now available at $20.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. This DVD is being put out to raise money in hopes of purchasing the unedited TV film from the '98 and '99 Lawn Parties. Someone filmed it with the promise of editing it and making it public...oh well...they have it and the people would like to see it! We now shoot our OWN film...and control our own destiny...right? Add to Cart

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